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Dance is a performing art; therefore, we believe a performance will complete your child’s dance education experience. We offer every student the opportunity to participate in our annual show. This is a highly rewarding experience for both parents and students. Our show is tentatively scheduled for June. We will also be holding a Christmas show this December! Please contact us for more information. All performers will attend a dress rehearsal and show.

Costumes are required for participants. This will enhance their performance as well as the students’ enthusiasm. There are no refunds on costumes that have already been ordered. Costumes are ordered in September. To cover the many production costs, we do charge an admission fee for family and friends who attend the show.

Only a portion of class time will be devoted to learning and rehearsing a routine for the show. Technique and warm-ups are always a priority. It is important to us that we offer you a rewarding dance education. 

Please Contact Us with any questions.

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